Another J-section writer gets the interview spotlight yet again. This time its a Kroek, Vesa from EDK (Every Day Kroeks) Interview conducted from our Official Joburg Graffiti Correspondent, 2kil. Enjoy…

Tell us who you are, how did you come up with your name, what crews are you down with and how long you have been writing?

A: My name is Vesa and I am from the grimey streets of Jsec.. I’ve been through a couple names. I started writing Vesa after I wrote the name Fez which I thought was wack. I rep EDK, NK and GrimeTown. I been writing for about 7 years…

Why did you start writing and why have you continued to keep writing illegally and not just go legal like most others?
Well, I’ve always digged graffiti and shit orientated round Hip-Hop. I remember when I was in primary school I’d catch the bus sometimes then walk home and would always be fascinated by seeing stuff by MSE, SEC, EM and NME. I Didn’t really understand it then but its seemed cool and mysterious. I would see tags and throwies etc and would wonder who/how did this get there. So somehow that made me start writing. I prefer bombing its way more fun for me obviously you can’t really get paid to bomb but that doesnt really bother me. “Every Day Kroeking” we find ways to beat the system.. Also legal graffiti gets watered down and shit so ya. I do paint legals sometimes but still prefer bombing.



What do you think is the best city in South Africa and why?
J-Section/GrimeTown/Johannesburg. . The CBD is the illest to bomb for me. Cape Town is dope because of the trains and the level of graffiti is dope there but fuck the by law nigga (For Helen Zille).

What’s the one thing you love to hate?
A: Yoh that’s kinda hard man theres a few things .. But let’s see if I can pick one. I love hating on Lil Wayne… Hopefully I dont have to swallow my words…

Best thing to eat and drink after painting?
Skopo, roast duck and a bottle of Tanqueray .


Your favourite piece of clothing or sneaker?
GrimeTown T, my Dickies pants and New Balance 999s. Needa cop some Thvggery.

What’s your favourite bombing tool?
Can of chrome.

Who are your favourite writers both locally and abroad?
EDK niggas FUK niggas ,my niggas from GLOK, OTC, QK, 40HK, and MOAS, WUFCSDK, GBAK/TMD, XTC, NK, HA and MSK. So yeah pretty much all them niggas in those crews.

If you could hang out with anyone for a night who would him/her or they be?
Kim Kardashian and Nikki Minaj.


Who is the most underrated writer you know?

Can you give us a brief run down about EDK and what you guys are about?
Aight well EDK is a crew of cats from Joburg. Originally it was started by Easl and Gmok as EDC. Then when my old crew started hanging wit those fellas we decided to merge and form one crew. Calling it EDK. Every Day Krooks. We specialize in bombing, street throwies and tags (handstyles). Consists of myself, Jerk, Empty, Son1, Boas, Easl, Myza, Gaza, Kerz, Dmin and Skam who is also very underated. Hopefully I didnt leave anyone out. But those are the niggas I hang wit and paint wit mostly.



The last time you got caught doing something, you were?
Busting a tag on some Nigerian’s shop. Eish!

What 3 things can you not leave home without?
A: Condoms, my phone and a marker.

What do you want to do before you die?
Need to make a mill.


What are you interested in outside of writing graffiti?
Music: collecting music, making music by myself and with the crew. Also gear and sneakers, then this other fly honey dip and I’m working on a clothing line/label.

Any last words? Shout outs? Or any upcoming projects you want to let us in on?Word up for da interview.
Shoutout to my crews, my homies.. The Creights, Revivo, Brainmushtoday, my thugg… niggas, my straightedge niggas, my gangbanging niggas, my niggas an niggerettes in CapeTown. The women that hold me down. Grayscale, my nephew, an niggas that get me drunk and UDC.


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