We did’nt do an interview for a while, this is reason why we had to come through hard. The hardest dude we know is Rolo. He is a die hard street cat. If you dont know him, you probally seen him at Str Crd 11, rocking Air Jordans from head to toe, the guy that screams at 7 foot tall nigerians with a glint in his eye “Jy! thats juss sunglasses” in Long Street then offers to buy it off their face. The bra that rocked “plasma screen” gold earings in the 2bop lookbook video. But most of all the guy that always brings swag and laughter wherever he goes. A good friend of ours and Thvggery ambassador, we break gatsbys together and talk streetwear and sneakers all the time. This time we decided to put you in on our conversation. Ladies and heads we give you Rolo Rozay…



Aweh  please introduce yourself.
Awe mybru im Rolo from the 7490

You probally get this question all the time, but when did you start collecting/buying sneakers?
Yeah i was always into kicks id say when i started working in 03 but got more serious in 07



A lot of heads, beg, steal and borrow for kicks. What was the best and most memorable sneaker skurrel?
Yoh bra (strokes his beard) id say back when shelflife opened we actually was the brasse to koppel laybuys there,i copped af1 x cb supremes

Tell us 5 favourite Jordans and why?
Top 5 ok leme check
1. Any Cement 3s – best j ever made first with jumpman and air bubble
2. Any 11s most memorable kicks they said he jumped higher in these hahahahaha off 12s aka free willy those joints are just befok
4. Bred 15s very slept on sneaker praying they gonna get retroed soon
5. 17.5 peel off yohhh bra this i wont even wear to damn fresh



If you had to choose one staple sneaker to rock daily what would that be and why?
That would have to 3s mybru would Wear them all day everyday

Any advice would you give to the Rookie Sneakerheads? Please wys them.
DO YOU!!!!!!!
Thats all you have to do bring your own energy to the game man



If you had to pick one sneaker to cop in 2012 what would that be?
Total Pillars bra had a pair of hand me downs but hopefully this year will get a fresh pair

Whats your 5 favourite Apparel Brands?
Shelflife vandal atire

What music do you currently have on rotation?
Meek mill and mmg
Asap rocky
Kendrick lamar
Dom kennedy
Sir micheal rocks

You are affliated with many brands and high profile people, How did this come about for you?
Firstly man i can say im blessed to know and have a relationship with these folks and as they say “real recognise real”…. Well i got put on by my bra hakesy the fat cat and social networking played its part ….. A big part



You repped Cape Town hard at Str Crd 11′, how was that whole experience for you?
Yoh bra that weekend was movie…joburg fam held us down we got mad love we still talk bout that weekend they spotted cpt a mile away


You probally the first bra to ever tattoo anything we ever designed on their flesh, what made you do it?
Put it ink so u know its real…thanks for designing and shout out david for inking it


What are your thoughts on our “urban culture” in SA?
Progress at a rapid rate and glad to be  part of it man shout out everybody putting in yo

If you had to lose your teeth would keep the passion gep or get grills?
Hahahaaha (takes out teeth ) awe i have the gap, had the gold teeth so i would get joints like birdman yeeaah expensive taste.

More about Rolo on his blog

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