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We met  Zaid and Nazeer of Lost Property Mail Order a year ago. The first time we used their services was to buy a pair of Asic gel lyte III’s (after two years of asking around and emailing kak reps), they found it in a day. We are confident in saying that Lost Property Mail Order fuckin runs the sneaker game not only in Cape Town, but South Africa (hence us doing a colab with them). This was evident at Str Crd, cos they gave the competition 3rd degree burns and made people’s feet itch like a bad case of athletes foot. They can source any sneaker you can think of and are collectors themselves. We sat down with the brothers, If you into sneakers shut up and listen…

lost property

Aweh gentlemen, please introduce yourself.
Zaid Osman (born April 19, 1993), owner of  Lost Property Mail Order, is a South African born fresh kid, who moved to the USA when he was four. He is known for his fresh kicks and raps.

Im Nazeer im the boytjie

How did you dudes get into kicks?, and how did LPMO start?

Zaid:We have Always loved to have fresh kicks, big influence from my older brother.. LPMO started when we were to fresh for SA streets, nigga’s kept asking “where’d you get those joints” and eventually we told em we can order it..
Nazeer: Zaid pretty much summed it up,There was a demand for “limited”sneakers that wasnt fufilled and we happen to have the connections to hook up the fiends with the product they needed .As far as getting into kicks its been one of those things, Ive always been

lost property

What was your best and most memorable sneaker skurrel?
Zaid: Nike SB Tiffany dunks!!! or Nike SB BMX pack
Nazeer: Any 2000 jordan release,While living in the States anytime a Jordan dropped it use to  be pure havoc..Lines would be about 100 deep at times.

lost property

5 favourite sneakers of all time?

1) Jordan 3s
2) Jordan 11s
3) Jordan 4s
4) Nike SB Purple Pigeon
5) Nike Lebron South Beach

1.Jordan 3 (use to skate them back in the day)
2.Safari Air max 87
3.Nike Sb Tiffany Dunks
4.Clark Wallabees
5.Nike Air Griffey Shox

lost property

If you had to choose one staple sneaker to rock daily what would that be and why?

Zaid:.Nike SB Blazer – Black/White. They basic and perfect.

lost property

Nazeer: Huf Huppers Navy/Gum.. Available now at :)
How is it working with family? Im sure you cats moered each other a few times.
It’s cool, at times can get annoying though.

You source apparel as well, Whats your 5 favourite Apparel Brands and why?

1) Stussy
2) Nike Sportswear
3) The hundreds
4) Thvggery
5) 2BOP
Cause dey be doin’ big things homie!

1.Ralph Lauren

What music do you currently have on rotation?

Zaid: Drake, Riky Rick, AKA, Cream, Curren$y

Nazeer: AVB,The Roots,Jack Johnson,Game,and Mayer Hawthorne (no homo)

Any tips for newbie sneakerhunters?
Buy from LPMO. Don’t support fakes. Wear what you like.

Huf Hupper

We rocked STR CRD together and had mad fun. Please tell the folks how the experience was and how you got involved with the event.
Shit was soooo crazy we even LOST WALTER!!!
Pretty much the organizers hit us up, and we couldn’t pass on the opportunity.

Huf Hupper

lost property

At STR CRD you had OG Air Jordan ones, how the fuck did you guys get your hands on that?
We Bought em at sportscene.. LOL. Just kidding! That’d burn their shelves! When you in the game, you find opportunities to buy some vintage heat, although the price tag was high there’s just some items you can’t pass on.

Are there any plans on opening a sneaker store in future?
We shall see what the future holds,but at the moment we are focusing on pushing the online store

lost property

What are your thoughts on our “urban culture” in SA?

It’s growing and is unique. The one thing we respect is the rawness of it all

If you had to lose your teeth would keep the passion gep or get grills?

For more info or to order a sneaker visit LPMO store here

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